Sunday, September 11, 2011

Red Alert

My health has been deteriorating since I stopped my weekly swim 4 months ago. The first obvious consequence is weight gain. I'm 4 kgs heavier, building up fats instead of muscles and I can no longer fit in size 8, sometimes 10. I look FAT instead of fit.

The worst part of it - I am not feeling well. I get migraines easily, body aches and couldn't focus on the things that I do. But I experienced something that really scares me this week and I am still going through it. I have been having headache every day. YES, EVERY SINGLE DAY. For the first few days, I thought I was too tired and didn't pay much attention to it. It was until the fourth day, I realized something is really wrong.

I went for massage, to Tui na and even Guasa therapy. All told me that I've sprained my shoulder muscles. I thought so too and I am still hoping they are right. The fact is I am not feeling any better after the treatments. The pain didn't subside, it still come back especially in the evening near 4pm+. 

I take this as the RED alert and I need to do something about it (I still want to get married, succeed in my career and take care of my parents!!!). Exercises and control my diet - starting from now onwards. I went for a 20 mins jog and did another 15 mins stairs running today, gonna cut down my carbo consumption and of course sleep early.  

Life is short.

I know I posted this before but I guess this pic acts as a good reminder (actually it's because I can't find other post-related picture to post :p)

From the bitterness of disease man learns the sweetness of health.  ~Catalan Proverb